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Resources and useful information

Our aim is to help customers remain compliant with health and safety legislation by providing spill control solutions. For more than 10 years we have been providing customers with expert guidance and advice in line their business requirements. We support a range of industries finding solutions to a variety of problems our customers face.

Legislation and regulations can often be difficult to relate to your business, so we are here to offer our expert knowledge and guidance to assist you. Our library of useful information provides answers from some of the frequently asked questions we receive from customers.

Guide to Coveralls

Providing the correct PPE for your employees is a hige responsbility. We've got you covered with our guide to coveralls, giving you the understanding of what to look for to ensure they are providing the best protection.

Guide to coveralls in the workplaceGuide to coveralls in the workplace

Managing Body Spills

Any spill is hazardous regardless of the liquid or where it has come from. Bodily fluid spills occur regularly in some organisations so it is important you are prepared for all eventualities. 

Managing bodily fluid spillsManaging bodily fluid spills

Spill Kits

Businesses often understand they need spill kits on site for emergencies but do you know what type you need and how to utilise it? Our guide details what a spill kit is, how to use it, and how to ensure you are compliant

What is a spill kit and how do I use it?What is a spill kit and how do I use it?


Unsure where to start arranging secondary containment on site? Our guide explains everything you need to know about bunds and secondary containment

Drain Protection

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