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Promoting compliance in health, safety & environmental protection with outstanding spill control and storage solutions. Our team of professionals have compiled a range of articles and guidance to help our customers understand requirements and legislation.

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  1. World Day for Safety and Health at Work
    Protecting people and the environment. World Day for Safety and Health at work is celebrated annually on 28th April. It focusses on promoting safe and healthy workplaces to protect employees and businesses.  The campaign highlights the magnitude of the problem and aims to raise awareness of how creating a health and safety culture in the […]
  2. Secondary Containment, keeping you safe
      When using, storing or transporting liquids on site, care must be taken to ensure the risks of spills and leaks are reduced. Legislation including the Oil Storage Regulations stipulate that steps must be in place to ensure people and the environment are protected from liquids. What is secondary containment? Secondary containment is designed to […]
  3. Safeguarding the Workplace
    UK National Workplace Day of Remembrance -12th December 2021 Today we remember those who have been injured or died due to an accident in the workplace. Unfortunately accidents happen but businesses have a responsibility to reduce the risks of injuries in the workplace to protect their employees. One way to reduce these risks is to […]
  4. Protecting the Environment
    World Soil Day is a perfect time to emphasise the damage that is and can be caused by mishandling of hazardous liquids. Even small spills and leaks can have a catastrophic consequence on the environment. Over the years, we have been made aware of the horrendous results that incorrect handling processes, inadequate knowledge and training […]

    Protecting the Environment

  5. Guide to Understanding Absorbents
    If you work with liquids, by law you must have a spill response plan in place which takes suitable measures to prevent leaks and spills, and where necessary a clean-up process should an emergency occur. Absorbents are a range of products that can quickly absorb spills of varying liquids and make safe any area where […]
  6. It pays to prepare for the banana skin
      Since the heyday of silent movies, people have enjoyed slapstick humour. Characters get marooned in a patch of grease and can’t get to their feet, and the old banana skin gag still hangs around. But, away from the movies, there’s nothing funny about slips, trips and falls. Oliver Hardy might have survived a ride […]

    It pays to prepare for the banana skin

  7. How to cut costs and reduce spill risks
    You might think that reducing the risks associated with hazardous waste will put a dent in your bottom line, but as this case study shows show you can cut costs and reduce spill risks, as well as reduce your workload, satisfy your insurers and stay compliant. Here’s how. Our customer was paying for regular collections […]

    How to cut costs and reduce spill risks

  8. If you can’t work out the logistics, call Spillcraft
      When a job needs doing but you don’t want to disrupt production, the job could be put on hold. But what if that’s not an option? What if holding up the job holds up your business? If you cant work out the logistics call Spillcraft, we’re rather proud of how we solved this challenge. […]
  9. Compliance: spend a little to save a business
      It’s essential to control costs in a business, but there are times when too stringent an approach is enormously risky. It can leave a business open to unnecessary risks, and potentially on the wrong side of the law, with reputations and finances in ruins. Compliance cannot be ignored. Compliance is a good example. It’s […]

    Compliance: spend a little to save a business

  10. Spill Response Training Toolbox Talk
    Description Spill Kit Training Tool Box Talk is a brief session which is designed to give operators a basic knowledge of spill kits, and spill clean-up procedures when dealing with low risk incidents. The course does not cover chemical handling, PPE or RPE requirements. Further information regarding higher level training is available from Spillcraft on […]

    Spill Response Training Toolbox Talk

  11. Just doing what we do best …
    We’ve just received this feedback from a client. It sums up our approach and highlights why we do what we do. While we’re delighted that the client is impressed, we’re just doing our job and doing it well. “I wanted to pop a thank you over to the team at Spillcraft for their support and […]

    Just doing what we do best …

  12. Choosing spill kits? Check the 10 essentials
    Take a good look at the area, checking for drains and other outlets. If there are drains, you’ll need to ensure the correct drain protection covers are included in the spill kit. Think about where you’ll site the spill kit. It needs to be easily accessible if there’s a spill. Understand the nature of the […]

    Choosing spill kits? Check the 10 essentials

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