Spill-Aid power absorberWe are very pleased to announce our acquisition of Spill-Aid from Decorous Europe.

Spill-Aid super absorbent powder has quickly become the UK’s No 1 selling Super Absorbent. Invented and developed solely by Tony Lynch of Decorous, he has dedicated much of his life to developing such a s versatile absorbent. Spill-Aid has become the perfect solution for so many businesses across the UK, for a significant array of spillages.

We share a passion with Tony for supporting customers in finding the best solution to protect people and the environment from spills. Spill-Aid has featured in our product range for around 4 years, as we understand what a versatile solution this product offers our customers. Spillcraft approached Tony to support the manufacture of Spill-Aid after some supply chain challenges. Following discussions we have agreed to purchase the Spill-Aid brand in order to manufacture and distribute Spill-Aid in bulk quantities.

We would like to thank Tony for his support in this acquisition. The team are looking forward to working with Tony in contacting existing customers and fulfilling enquiries with new clients. Spill-Aid is now available in bulk quantities in both the 5 litre pouches and 30 litre sacks.  These are both available in pallet quantities.

Spill-Aid super absorbent powderIf you have any questions regarding Spill-Aid please do not hesitate to contact us. Tel 01606 352 679 or email [email protected]  our team are hand to support you.

We will be contacting existing customers in due course, to advise in writing of the acquisition. We are very much looking forward to expanding production and making Spill-Aid easily accessible to everyone who understands what a great product this is.

For more information about Spill-Aid and its features please visit our website or watch our “How to use Spill-Aid” video.