• Safe Contractor Approved
  • Extensive Range of Spill Products
  • Supporting ISO14001
  • IOSH Approved

Managed Spill Service

Our spill kit services are designed to ensure your company remains fully compliant to all legislations

Complete Managed Spill Services 

Our complete managed spill service has been designed to mitigate the problem of spill stations and kits being depleted of the correct spill products, which could lead to a disaster in the event of a spill.  With our managed spill service your business will remain compliant and safe.  We provide a site survey that will identify your spill risks. Your spill kits and stations will be assessed by industry specialists, to ensure they are positioned in the correct place. We will provide, where needed, the appropriate spill equipment, to suit your operational needs.   Our site auditors will visit site, at agreed intervals, to check the condition of kits and replenish spill products, to ensure your business is ready to react to a spill, safeguarding your people and environment.  Our spill managed service provides you with the benefit of: 
    • A site survey identifying spill risks 
    • Recommendation report and associated costs  
    • Correct spill equipment identified, to suit your operations 
    • Spill kits and stations located correctly 
    • Regular replenishment of spill products to your spill stations and kits 
    • On-going spill control support 
    • Annual site survey review 
    • Spill response training 
    • A business that is compliant and safe 
    • Your supported and protected workforce  
    • Regular audit reports, for your HSE records 

Site Audits 

We understand the challenges upon HSE managers, and the range of responsibilities that they often cover. Working with HSE managers, across a range of industries, we have developed our spill control services to support them. Spillcraft provide peace of mind and ease workload, by maintaining spill kits and stations, to ensure the business remains compliant.   Having incorrect spill management and spill prevention can have a number of consequences that affect not only your business but your employees and the environment. 
  • Accidents & Injuries - Serious employee accidents and injuries 
  • Irreversible damage - Death to wildlife and environmental damage 
  • Bad publicity - Your will face bad publicity and large fines 
  • Company losses - Loss in stakeholder confidence, time and money 
We will assist you implement the most effective and efficient methods of spill control.   To achieve this, we offer two methods: an over the phone audit or a complete site visit audit.  After the audit is complete, we will create a spill plan of action, providing best practice recommendations, to ensure your business is compliant and your workforce are kept safe, and the environment protected.  Once site auditors will visit site, at agreed intervals, to check the condition of kits and replenish spill products. After every site audit an audit report will be provided, giving you the confidence that should you get an HSE or environmental inspection, you’ve got a documented record.   

Spill Kit Service  

Providing our customers with the ability to gain all the correct spill products, on-going product replenishment and support, along with fully trained staff in spill response, without the heavy initial cost outlay.    This service is perfect for companies who want to improve their spill management system but don’t want the initial outlay of paying for new spill control equipment. We’ve put together a simple and efficient spill kit service, allowing you to remain safe and compliant, with small manageable monthly payments.  Here are the 5 simple steps to our spill kit service:  
  • We assess your site to determine the spill kits you need  
  • We provide a proposal breaking down your monthly costs  
  • The spill kits/stations are delivered with no initial outlay  
  • Equipment is checked to ensure it is maintained and compliant  
  • Regular reports are provided to break down the usage, for your in-house records. 

Why Choose Spillcraft?

  • Compliant & Safe

    Regularly checked spill kits to ensure equipment is fit for purpose

  • Documentation

    You receive regular documented and detailed usage report

  • Investments

    Spill kit maintenance services maximise your investments

  • Convenient

    The service will also save you time, hassle and money

  • The bespoke spill management solution that Spillcraft came up with was excellent, including the training they gave us; I’d have no hesitation in recommending them

    Aerospace Manufacturer

  • Our site looks so much better. We are more than happy with the service you are providing, in fact, it’s been exceptional!

    Aerospace Manufacturer

  • Friendly staff, good communication. Can be trusted to move safely through high-risk areas. Very safety-conscious staff who provide good communication; a pleasure to deal with.

    Chemical Manufacturer

Speak To A Spill Specialist

“Dedicated team and an agile service”

Our experience in the spill control industry allows us to provide you with the best and most efficient methods of spill management, ensuring your company remains safe and compliant.

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