We understand Health, Safety and Environmental Managers have a long list of priorities. There is a lot to keep track of to keep your business, your employees and the environment safe. Spill control is an essential element to any business who uses, stores or transports liquids. However it needn't be a stressful process. Discover your spill risk score, to understand if your spill response procedures are keeping you compliant.

Our aim is to make spill control as straightforward and stress free as possible. We have designed a spill scorecard to help customers understand your spill risk, and if there are any improvements which may need to be implemented to keep you compliant. Consisting of 23 questions, covering 7 main categories, it takes around 3-4 minutes to complete. On completion you will get an immediate score and summary against the 7 categories. You will also receive a thorough PDF report straight to your inbox with helpful tips and signposts to legislation, for areas which may need improving, which you can investigate in your own time.

We can help you understand how prepared your business is within the following key areas

  • Spill Risk Assessment Spill Risk Scorecard

  • Training

  • Liquid Storage

  • Emergency Spill Kits

  • Management of day to day leaks and spills

  • Drainage

  • Satisfaction with current spill control

The scorecard highlights areas you need to focus on, and measures your current processes to keep your business compliant. The scorecard is free to complete, and you can retake your scorecard anytime to monitor improvements made.

We hope you find it useful, and if you do feel free to share it with anyone else you think may benefit.

If you have any questions about your score, or how the scorecard works please feel free to contact our team