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Spill Kit Audit Cover


  • Prevents tampering
  • 5S compliant
  • Highly visual
  • Designed to fit closely over the top of spill kits
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Pre-cut and fitted vinyl audit cover designed to fit closely over the top of spill kits to prevent tampering and kit being used as a waste bin. Primarily, they act as a symbol to demonstrate that a spill kit has had its contents checked, is fully stocked and has therefore been audited. Once the contents have been audited, simply place the cover over the bin and apply tamper proof tape to the outside.

Audit covers are bright yellow and show a clear and reassuring sign to staff, visitors and stakeholders that spill kits are being well maintained. It also deters from people using the spill kit as a rubbish bin.

Available for 120ltr, 240ltr and 360ltr spill kits. We also provide Larger audit covers for 500ltr and 1000 litre spill kits.

Additional information

Spill Kit Type

Audit Cover

Spill Kit Capacity (ltr)

120, 240, 360




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