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Spill Pallet with steel housing for 2 x IBC’s


  • Takes 8 x 205L drums or 2 x IBC’s
  • 1140Ltr sump
  • Chemical resistant
  • Fitted with hinged doors and retaining catches
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  • Length: 2625mm
  • Width: 1430mm
  • Height: 2110mm
  • Weight: 285kg
  • Sump: 1140ltr
  • UDL: 3000kg


Manufactured from medium density polyethylene this spill pallet, designed to hold 2 x 1000ltr IBC or 8 s 240ltr drums.has a 0.6mm galvanised steel (powder coated paint finish) cover fitted with hinged doors and retaining catches to hold them open during loading and unloading.
The metal cover is secured to the spill pallet by means of M8 dome head allen bolts & nyloc nuts.

Additional information

IBC Quantity


Dimensions (mm)

750 x 2000 x 1450

Weight (kg)


Sump (ltr)



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