Spill kits play a crucial role in safeguarding the environment, protecting workers, and maintaining regulatory compliance, but how effective are you spill kits? By providing the tools and materials needed to respond quickly to spills, spill kits help minimize the negative impact of spills on both human health and the environment.

Often, businesses acquire spill kits based on recommendations, yet it's important to consider if they align with your specific needs in terms of type and size. Spill kits are sometimes bought online merely to fulfil a requirement, without adequately considering their effectiveness in safeguarding both individuals and the environment.General Purpose Spill Kit

Much like fire extinguishers, spill kits are designed in case of emergency. Nobody plans to need them, but they must be present in case of emergency. As with fire extinguishers there are different types for different sources. Spill kits are available for non aggressive fluids, oils and hazardous chemicals. Specialised spill kits available for more specific spills such as body fluids, vehicle kits, paint spill kits, marine kits and more.

So how effective are your spill kits?

A few questions you should be asking yourself

Is your spill kit the correct type for the fluids on site?

Make sure your kit is compatible with the fluids you have on site. Spill kits are required to mitigate a risk which cannot be resolved.

Is your spill kit easily accessible?

Spill kits should be located in the vicinity of a potential spill risk. If a spill were to occur, you do not have time to go searching for a spill kit. The team should know where their nearest kit is.

It's also advisable to use signage to ensure easy identification. Spill kits should be conveniently portable, like grab bags, and larger kits should be in wheeled containers for accessibility and manoeuvrability.

Are your spill kits checked?

Confronted with a spill, you instinctively grab the closest kit, only to find a scant supply of mats remaining. Consistent and regular spill kit audits prove essential for emergency preparedness. Similar to the regular audit and inspection of your fire extinguisher, your spill kits should undergo the same scrutiny. We suggest attaching tags to your spill kits to deter interference and tampering.

Are your spill kits ready for an emergency?

It may seem like a tedious task but packing your spill kit with the products you need first, came save you crucial time as a spill spreads rapidly. Ensuring your PPE is on the top so you can protect yourself. Next should be your socks, so you can contain the spill and stop the spread of harmful fluids. Then you should have your mats or pads to you can absorb the contained liquid. Hazardous waste bags should be at the bottom for clearing away used absorbents. At Spillcraft, we make sure our spill kits packed in this order so you are ready for an emergency.

Do you have a robust spill reporting procedure?

Reporting spills is essential to implement actions that mitigate future risks. In cases of spill-related consequences like employee injuries or pollution events, your reports should be available for review. Additionally, ensuring swift replenishment of your spill kit is crucial to maintain its preparedness for unforeseen emergencies.

Spill Response Training, cleaning a spill

Have you had spill response training?

A trained team will respond more efficiently when faced with an emergency. Having experience and practice handling spills safely will remind responders of the steps they need to take.

Our spill kits also have our 8 steps to spill response labelled inside each spill kit, so even in the most stressful situations you can quickly refer to the steps to make sure you are getting it right.

Risks change as a business evolves

If you working practices change over time, don't be afraid to change your spill kits alongside operational changes. As long as risk assessments have been carried out, if risks change so can you emergency spill kits.

Spillcraft are here to support you

If you are unsure what spill kits and spill equipment you need, why not take advantage of our free spill survey. Our team are on hand to offer guidance and advice as well as suggested solutions to hazards in your workplace.

Why not try our free spill compliance review. In under 5 minutes you can self assess your current spill control procedures to see how compliant you are and any areas you should improve on.

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