From small operators to leading manufacturers, we’re the trusted spill control supplier that businesses turn to for spill management solutions. One of the reasons for this is because we pride ourselves on providing the best solutions for our customers, even if that isn't the best solution for us  This simple case study shows why our customers work with us, trust us and recommend us.

It started with a call.

A new customer called us to discuss their requirement for 50 mechanical drain covers, which are a brilliant, high quality drain cover, and would cost the customer £15000. The customer had done some research themselves and believed this was the solution they needed.

After some discussions with our team, the customer explained that they needed to ensure they had drain protection so spills would not enter various drains on site. We discussed the need for mechanical drain covers compared to clay drain covers and came to the conclusion that the clay drain covers would be equally effective at solving their problems at a fraction of the cost.

We could have accepted the customer order for £15000. Instead, we sold them 50 clay drain covers for the princely sum of £1,000.


On the face of it, it doesn’t make sense. Our customer was ready and willing to spend the money. We had the Mechanical Drain Covers in stock. But would everyone have been satisfied if we’d sealed the deal?

Not really.

We know that having happy customers over the long term is far better than securing any one-off sale. We believe that if we had supplied a customer the wrong product, or not used our experience to help them, we’d be foolish to expect them to keep buying from us in the future.

Providing the best solutions for our customers

We pride ourselves on forming good relationships with our customers, which includes providing site surveys to form an understanding of what our customers do, their working methods and individual needs.

Consequently, we knew the site where the drain covers were required and that the mechanical drain covers wouldn’t work in that situation – despite our customer being adamant that they would and is what they wanted. We showed an alternative that would provide the solution they needed.  To assure them of our alternative, we took samples to the customer’s site and gave them a demonstration. To say they were relieved is an understatement. After all, we’d shown them how to save £14,000 and protected their drains!

In a nutshell, our customers trust us to look after their interests and that’s why they’re loyal. We will always work to provide the best solutions for every customer, even when it isn’t always best for us.

If you’d like the support that provides you with peace of mind,  contact us to arrange your site survey, get in touch.