Types of Absorbent from Spillcraft

If you work with liquids, by law you must have a spill response plan in place. The plan ensures you take suitable measures to prevent leaks and spills, and where necessary a clean-up process should an emergency occur. Absorbents are a range of products that can quickly absorb spills of varying liquids and make safe any area where a spill or leak has occurred, so understanding absorbents is crucial. You should identify all the liquids on site, how they are stored and the potential for spills and leaks, as part of your risk assessment. Once you understand the type of liquid and the risks they pose, you can identify absorbents to prevent spill risks from causing further harm to people and the environment.

Why are absorbents different colours?

Absorbents are made in different colours to ensure consistency across all industries and to highlight hazards. Understanding absorbents and why they are coloured helps in an emergency situation. It is also more obvious, once the spill has been cleaned, what type of liquid was spilt.

Grey absorbents are for general purpose or maintenance spills. They offer superb absorbent qualities for general, non aggressive liquids, so are a versatile option for many businesses.

Yellow absorbents are for hazardous liquids. Including chemical leaks and spills including industrial liquids and aggressive chemicals such as corrosive or caustic liquids. Brightly coloured yellow these highly visible absorbents are effective on a range of hazardous liquids.

White absorbents are designed to absorb oils and fuels. Made from hydrophobic fibres, these absorbents will repel water and absorb viscous oils and fuels.

These colours apply to the different types of absorbent including mats, socks, booms, rolls and pillows. Other colours are available from other suppliers but are not as widely recognised.


What type of absorbent do I need? 

There are a range of absorbent types, all designed for different situations. It is important you consider the type of spill you are likely to experience so that you stock the correct absorbent type and colour.

Depending on the spill quantity and the fluid spilt, you have a range of absorbent options

  • Absorbent Granules

  • Mats or pads

  • Socks or booms

  • Pillows or Cushions

  • Perforated Rolls

  • Drum Toppers

How do you store your absorbents?

Have you thought about how you will store your absorbents? We also have a range of spill stations, absorbent dispensing stations, cleaning stations, caddies and spill kits that can help you manage the absorbents you need, ensuring they are protected from the weather, and kept secure until needed.


If you need more information about absorbents, and how they can help, please read our full guide to absorbents.

If you are still unsure what you need or would like to discuss your needs please contact our team

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