General purpose absorbent matsWe are committed to providing our customers quality products and services and constantly review our range to ensure we are providing the best solutions for our customers. As a result, we have upgraded our absorbent range including our absorbent rolls and pads for better performance.

Following customer feedback, all of our rolls and pads now feature an extra layer of spun bond lamination.

The spun bond material is added to one side of the rolls and pads and will offer several key advantages:

  • A stronger product that won’t break down even when saturated.

  • Less linting, the spun bond material is lint-free.

  • A product that is easier to tear on the perforations.

  • Harder wearing – the new product will withstand foot traffic without breaking up.

Is additional training required for the upgraded absorbent range?

There is no need for any extra training in the use of the new upgraded absorbent range. To ensure you maximise the benefits of the new absorbent mats and rolls we suggest the following;

You will notice that one side of the mat/roll has a lot of loose fibres. The other side has a smooth spun bond lamination. When dealing with a spill, put the roll/mat “loose fibre” side down. As this will soak up the spill faster. If you are using the roll/mat as a preventative measure or to catch drips, etc. put the absorbent "spun-bond" side down. This will mean that the liquid will drip onto the fibre side of the roll/mat and therefore will be absorbed faster.

We are really pleased with the new upgraded range and are proud to work with our manufacturer in the UK, to deliver a great range for our customers. These products will be rolled out over the coming months.

Our complete absorbent range includes mats, rolls, pillows, drum toppers and absorbent socks, in 3 industry recognised types; general purpose, chemical and oil only. This upgrade applies to the mats and rolls in each type.