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Low profile Neoprene Drain Cover


  • Ensures a tight seal
  • Lightweight & quick to deploy
  • Flexible drain cover
  • Works in a variety of situations and conditions


Low profile neoprene drain cover. Lightweight and quick to deploy, this low cost drain cover works in a variety of situations and conditions. Moulds to most surfaces and the flexible material ensures a tight seal once liquid has passed over it.

Drain protection should be considered as part of your spill response plan to ensure you protect the environment from pollution entering the waterways. We have a range of drain covers available to suit various drain designs, a wide range of industries and liquids. If you need assistance understanding drain protection to assist your business please contact our team on 01606 352 679

Additional information

Size (mm)

1000 x 1000 x 1.5




Specification Sheet

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