In the real world, you can rely on Spill360, the simple, convenient and compliant answer to dealing with spills and hazardous spill waste removal. The service is fully managed and fully compliant, saving you time, money and worry.

Spill360 makes it easy to protect the environment, your premises and your workforce. Advanced wiping, effective absorbents and highly professional spill stations, plus the support of Spillcraft experts.

Our Auditors will:
✓ Check what’s used, report and replenish and re-seal where necessary
✓ Correctly label and seal any waste to be removed ready for transportation
✓ Complete the consignment notes for safe and compliant removal of the waste
✓ Take the waste off site on the same visit
✓ Send an electronic report of usage and electronically file all completed paperwork for easy access following the visit

What does this do for you?
✓ Saves you the time and hassle of checking and reporting, identifying waste, booking waste collections
✓ Keeps you totally compliant with an accurate audit trail for both spill control and haz waste
✓ Significantly reduces carbon footprint – no special journey to collect the waste
✓ Saves you money – no transport costs when we’re on site servicing your spill control
✓ Saves you money – full drums and bins only – you won’t be overcharged for part bins
✓ High Profile Image – impress your stakeholders and external auditors with our highly visual stations with bespoke labelling
✓ Waste to Energy – your waste will be incinerated to produce energy – zero to Landfill.

Nobody plans to spill hazardous materials, but this is the real world. Plan for it.

Let’s make the real world safer together.

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