Promoting compliance in health, safety & environmental protection with outstanding spill control and storage solutions. Our team of professionals have compiled a range of articles and guidance to help our customers understand requirements and legislation.

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  1. Spill Kit Contents

    At Spillcraft we remain committed to helping our customers with your spill control needs. As a leading spill management supplier we take our responsibilities seriously. We regularly analyse the products and services we offer to our customers to ensure you are getting the best solutions for spill control. Following feedback from customers, and consultations with […]

  2. It pays to prepare for the banana skin

      Since the heyday of silent movies, people have enjoyed slapstick humour. Characters get marooned in a patch of grease and can’t get to their feet, and the old banana skin gag still hangs around. But, away from the movies, there’s nothing funny about slips, trips and falls. Oliver Hardy might have survived a ride […]

    It pays to prepare for the banana skin

  3. How to cut costs and reduce spill risks

    You might think that reducing the risks associated with hazardous waste will put a dent in your bottom line. This case study shows you how to cut costs and reduce spill risks, as well as reduce your workload, satisfy your insurers and stay compliant. Here’s how. Our customer was paying for regular collections of oily […]

    How to cut costs and reduce spill risks

  4. If you can’t work out the logistics, call Spillcraft

      When a job needs doing but you don’t want to disrupt production, the job could be put on hold. But what if that’s not an option? What if holding up the job holds up your business? If you cant work out the logistics call Spillcraft, we’re rather proud of how we solved this challenge. […]

  5. Compliance: spend a little to save a business

      It’s essential to control costs in a business, but there are times when too stringent an approach is enormously risky. It can leave a business open to unnecessary risks, and potentially on the wrong side of the law, with reputations and finances in ruins. Compliance cannot be ignored. Compliance is a good example. It’s […]

    Compliance: spend a little to save a business

  6. Spill Essential Training Session

    What is our Spill Essential Training? Our Essential Training session is a condensed training talk covering the essential requirements for a successful spill response. Designed to give operators a basic knowledge of spill kits, and spill clean-up procedures when dealing with low risk incidents. This sessions is ideal for anyone who may need to respond […]

    Spill Essential Training Session

  7. Just doing what we do best …

    We’ve just received this feedback from a client. It sums up our approach and highlights why we do what we do. While we’re delighted that the client is impressed, we’re just doing our job and doing it well. “I wanted to pop a thank you over to the team at Spillcraft for their support and […]

    Just doing what we do best …

  8. Worried about spills and whether you’re prepared?

      Our experts can help with that, no problem. But sometimes, it’s not convenient to get an expert on-site, and in these unusual times, you might well be restricting your visitors. That’s why we’ve got a handy 4-page document that you can download. It’s clear and straightforward with 26 questions designed to act as your […]

  9. Covid-19 Staying safe, made simple

    The world changed with Covid-19. Protecting our health, and that of our friends, family and colleagues is now something we all have to think about. We’ve changed the way we socialise, shop, exercise and work. We’ve got used to queueing, social distancing and avoiding the once familiar hug or handshake. But safely navigating this world […]

    Covid-19 Staying safe, made simple

  10. Nobody plans to spill hazardous materials

      In the real world, you can rely on Spill360, the simple, convenient and compliant answer to dealing with spills and hazardous spill waste removal. The service is fully managed and fully compliant, saving you time, money and worry. Spill360 makes it easy to protect the environment, your premises and your workforce. Advanced wiping, effective […]

    Nobody plans to spill hazardous materials

  11. Spill Prevention or cure?

      We’ve heard it thousands of times: it is better to prevent than cure. On the face of it, this simple logic is hard to argue against, but it ignores a fundamental point. Humans do make mistakes. We have accidents. We juggle competing demands and in the face of changing situations, we don’t always make […]

    Spill Prevention or cure?

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