Spill Response Training, cleaning a spill


Spill Kit Training Tool Box Talk is a brief session which is designed to give operators a basic knowledge of spill kits, and spill clean-up procedures when dealing with low risk incidents. The course does not cover chemical handling, PPE or RPE requirements. Further information regarding higher level training is available from Spillcraft on 01606 352 679.

Who should attend?

• Members of the designated spill team • Spill Team Leaders • Any member of staff who may be asked to use your spill response inventory

Benefits to Your Business

• Improved awareness in the hazards associated with spill incidents • Correct use and selection of spill response products • Compliance with ISO14001; keeping records to show that competencies have been achieved through education, training, or experience

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to: • Understand what their initial response to an incident should be • Understand the contents of your onsite spill kits and how to it should be used

Topics Covered Include

• Fines associated with pollution • Effects of a pollution incident • Controlled Waterways • Different absorbent types and colours • Spill response procedures • Disposal and replenishment For more information contact the Spillcraft team on 01606 352 679.