Spill Response Training, cleaning a spill

What is our Spill Essential Training?

Our Essential Training session is a condensed training talk covering the essential requirements for a successful spill response. Designed to give operators a basic knowledge of spill kits, and spill clean-up procedures when dealing with low risk incidents. This sessions is ideal for anyone who may need to respond to a spill, this training session covers all of the essential information needed regardless of your job role. The spill essential training session includes some classroom based learning as well as an opportunity to gain hands on experience with a practical spill scenario.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for anyone within your business including members of the designated spill team and spill team leaders. Providing a detailed understanding needed for anyone who may be asked to use your spill kits on site.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Improved awareness in the hazards associated with spill incidents

  • Correct use and selection of spill response products

  • Compliance with ISO14001; keeping records to show that competencies have been achieved through education, training, or experience

Spill Essential Course Objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:
• Carry out and understand the steps needed to respond successfully to a spill incident
• Understand the contents of your onsite spill kits and how to it should be used effectively.

Topics Covered Include:

This training session covers how a pollution incident effects people and the environment, as well as the potential fines associated with pollution. Our team will also provide an understanding of the different absorbent types and the colours to ensure you have the most effective materials on hand if faced with an emergency spill. We also educate your team with spill response procedures including steps which should be taken when managing any spill including protecting themselves, managing a spill, reporting, disposal and replenishment recommendations.

We have a range of training sessions suitable for various job responsibilities within your business. All include a combination of understanding and learning as well as ands on examples of how you should and shouldn't react if faced with an emergency spill.

For more information contact the Spillcraft team on 01606 352 679.